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Find information about lifecycles of services as well as the lifecycles of specific platforms/applications. (login required)

Looking for a piece of technology or a service? First create a simple Use Case. Then it is best to start with the GTIS Service Catalog. Don't forget to check out GTIS staff Recommendations!

All things G Suite (Google Apps): find information, request accounts/Google groups, get help, see how two step verification can improve your peace of mind.

List of applications managed by GTIS.


For All Staff

We help staff work without distraction by providing services &running technology so they don’t have to.

For Leadership

We enable decision makers through consulting and information management services.

For IT Staff

We provide technology services and build global IT capacity through IT community development.

About GTIS

  • GTIS is a department of SIL Global Operations.
  • GTIS provides services to staff, decision-makers, and globally distributed IT staff.
  • For the complete list of services visit our Service Catalog.
  • Looking for more info about GTIS?: Visit this website (login required)