Waxhaw Workstation Deploy/Support

What is it?

Provide full service management for campus workstations.

End users don’t need to worry about budget, research, purchase, warranty, set up, replacement, repair, or disposal.

We’re able to accommodate special software and hardware needs by working with departments

Who is it for?

JAARS and organizations working at the Waxhaw campus

Who do I contact?

Contact JAARS to rent office space, they will direct you to contact GTIS (technology fee which includes this service) or contact Mark Jenkins for questions directed to GTIS.

What GTIS Does

  • desktop & laptop computers (purchase, deploy, repair, replace, dispose - laptops for field, desktops-home use)
  • monitors
  • set standards (Dell computers, MS operating system)
  • loaner laptops (manage, repair, replace)
  • office electronics - iPad, chromebook
  • accessories (webcams, headsets, speakers, docking stations, power strips)
  • HelpDesk (Hardware & Software support, Trouble ticket entry & resolution)
  • software deployment (MS Office, Symantec Antivirus, Google Sync Tool, Adobe Reader, Adobe Flash Player)
  • email and email support (Google Apps)
  • software updates - MS & 3rd Party (ManageEngine)

What you do

Comply with the computer use policy.

Give feedback about service quality and performance.