Waxhaw Telephone Service

What is it?

Provides telephones and telephone service to JAARS and organizations working at the Waxhaw campus.

Who is it for?

JAARS and organizations working at the Waxhaw campus

Who do I contact?

Contact JAARS to rent office space, they will direct you to contact GTIS (technology fee which includes telephone service) or contact Mark Jenkins for questions directed to GTIS.

What GTIS Does

Our service ensures that you and the organization have

  • way to communicate (receive and make phone calls)
  • access to domestic and international calling
  • voicemail
  • access to 911
  • support and help desk materials and informal training to help you and the organization make the best use of your telephone system and its features.
  • Directory for other people and directory features like presence (see whether the person is on their phone)
  • Ability to forward to another phone and schedule when to forward
  • One click dialing (web, Outlook Address book, Access, Navigator)
  • Convenient and accessible: phone is on your desk and directory software on your computer
  • Cost effective

What you do

Comply with computer use policy.

Give feedback about service quality and performance.