Helpdesk Request Routing/Management: TeamHelp

When individuals have problems with computers, software, or other technical issues that are beyond their experience or skill...

What is it?

Platform Services TeamHelp Web Help Desk is a host software service that regional help desk administrators can use to improve help desk help ticket response performance

Who is it for?

SIL org units and SIL's "Insite" partner organizations.

TeamHelp is intended to be used by regional help desks in the capturing, routing, resolution, and reporting on help desk requests from SIL staff and staff of SIL's "Insite" partner organizations. Each region is headed up by a Regional Administrator who is responsible for the day to day activity of the help desk(s) in their area.

Who do I contact?

Ray Uehara, Application Administrator,, 972-708-7354

What GTIS Does

  1. GTIS hosts an up to date software package from SolarWinds, called Web Help Desk.
  2. GTIS provides an administrator to monitor the workings of the software and to answer any questions that Regional Administrators of Help Desks may have.
  3. GTIS provides assistance with the setting up of Regional Help Desks on the software (assists with the choosing of Request Types, Tech setup, Tech Groups, Ticket routing, and Ticket Performance Reporting.)

What You Do

  1. Provide a person to act as a Regional Administrator to:
    1. Make the setup choices in TeamHelp (Request Types, Techs, Tech Groups, Ticket routing, Ticket resolution monitoring)
    2. Monitor day to day problems with techs about the performance of TeamHelp
    3. Meet with other Regional Administrators online to discuss ways to improve services in the help desk
  2. Provide the name, emails, and other contact information, of techs that are working on Tickets in TeamHelp
  3. Monitor new Work Location areas as they are created and be sure that you have identified any of these new areas that are part of your region.
  4. Work with the Application Administrator to resolve any issues with TeamHelp that cause you problems.
  5. Give feedback about service quality and performance.