Business Continuity

"Hope is an expensive commodity. It makes better sense to be prepared." Thucydides

What is it?

The Business Continuity Consulting Service is here to help you assess, plan, prepare and confirm your readiness to return to normal operations as soon as possible after a disruptive event. Our staff is well-versed in the specific threats experienced by language programs throughout the world, including ...

    • Natural threats and disasters, e.g., lightning, severe storm, fire, flood, earthquake, tsunami, etc.
    • Human-caused threats such as theft, coup d’état, civil war, kidnapping, and terrorism.
    • Infrastructure and Technological (esp. IT specific) threats including power outages, Internet outages, equipment failure, data loss and data breaches.

Their knowledge is key in helping you meet your responsibilities to protect your organization.

We help you:

    • Bring awareness of business continuity planning and understanding of its value to the organization, especially to executive leadership
    • Identify mission-critical business functions
    • Identify relevant threats, their respective probabilities, and the vulnerabilities of your assets
    • Identify critical recovery time frames
    • Replacement planning for essential personnel
    • List strategic options for risk mitigation
    • Create a business continuity plan, or a disaster recovery plan specific for recovery of IT services
    • Test, train and audit to ensure effective preparedness

We are also fostering a community of IT Disaster Recovery practitioners through training, mentoring, and interaction.

Who is it for?

Any organization in the Bible translation movement.

On a broader business continuity level, this service is intended for executive leadership of organizations involved in language development and Bible translation. On a more narrowly focused technological level, this service is intended to assist technical leaders in developing a disaster recovery capability for mission-critical corporate data and IT services.

Who do I contact?

Rod Davis, Business Continuity Consultant for SIL International, Rod, +1(704) 843-6178

What GTIS Does

An initial consultation will be performed to understand current maturity levels and to tailor an engagement that will best serve the client’s needs. Training programs are available to teach principles of business continuity and to assist clients in developing their business continuity and disaster recovery plans. This service is available in English and French.

What You Do

You will work with the service provider to describe the desired set of outcomes, and ensure that the relevant participants are available and engaged when necessary. You will provide feedback to the service provider during the course of the engagement and after a mutually agreed upon follow-up period in order to assess the effectiveness of the service.