Zoom Video Conferencing

What is it?

Zoom is a cloud-based video conferencing + group chat subscription service. Think of it as easy to use like Skype, and with more features than Skype or Hangouts. It allows desktop/laptop computers (Linux, Mac, Windows, ChromOS) and mobile/tablet (iOS, Android) to interact in online video meetings.

Google Hangouts is alright for meeting with less than 15 participants, and Zoom is recommended for meetings having up to 100 participants (up to 500 possible, see below) or for meetings that have a need for features specific to Zoom.

What do I do to install the Zoom client?

Go to https://zoom.us/download to download and install the Zoom Client for Meetings. Links to the Zoom Mobile Apps are at the bottom of the webpage.

Do I need my own Zoom account?

You do not need to have a Zoom account to join someone else’s Zoom meeting. You just need to have the Zoom client installed on your computer prior to joining a meeting.

However, Zoom offers free Basic accounts as well as the paid Pro accounts. The Basic account gives you all the meeting features of the Pro account, including group chat and unlimited 1 to 1 video meetings. It only limits group meetings (3+ participant connections, up to 100) to 40 minutes duration per meeting. The Pro account (through SIL GTIS: $20US/month or $130US/year) removes the 40 minute group meeting limitation of the free Basic account (and adds management and other features).

We recommend that people sign up for at least the free Basic account. When you have an SIL Zoom account (see below), you will automatically be added to the Zoom contact list for SIL. You can then IM chat and video call other SIL people that have Zoom accounts and have signed into the list (similar to Skype).

How do I get an SIL Zoom account?

  1. Go to https://sil.zoom.us
  2. Click either the Insite Sign in or Google Sign in link at the top of the page. If you use the Google sign in link, you will be asked which Google account you want to use, be sure to select your SIL.org account if you have other Google accounts.
  3. You now have a free, basic Zoom account.

For the Pro account, please contact ZoomMgr_SIL@sil.org. You will need to give an account number which can be charged.

How do I request a scheduled Zoom meeting?

If you don’t expect to regularly use Zoom enough (at least a handful of times a year) to justify subscribing to a Pro account, you may request to use the GTIS Zoom meeting room or temporarily be assigned a Pro license. This is on an ‘as available’ basis only. Please don't wait until the last minute to request a meeting. A minimum of 3 business days lead time would be appreciated. The earlier the request, the better, to avoid any possible schedule conflicts. The cost for a single meeting is $10 per day. If you need to invite more than 100 participants, we recommend the webinar option, which is $100 per webinar to a Pro account, capable of handling up to 500 connections.

Email ZoomMgr_SIL@sil.org with the following information in your request:

    • Date and duration of your requested meeting. State your timezone, and convert your meeting time to US Central time (Dallas, TX). If no timezone is specified, we will assume that it is for US Central time.
  • which Zoom account you wish to apply the Pro license to (and webinar if requested).
  • what account and entity code to charge
    • Optional - desired meeting password. If no password is provided, the meeting will not have a password associated with it and only the meeting ID will be needed to join the meeting.

You can check to see what is currently scheduled in the GTIS Zoom rooms by going to the SIL Google Calendar Room Resources and look in : (Zoom)-GTIS-rm2. We’ll try to keep the calendars up to date, but please don't assume that if nothing is listed on the calendar, that the room is available.

Who is it for?

Anyone with an SIL.org email address. However, you can invite anyone with internet access into a Zoom meeting even if they don't have a Zoom account.


Mike Buchanan/Ray Uehara

Email: zoommgr_sil@sil.org

What GTIS does…

Manages the Zoom accounts for SIL, this includes upgrading basic free accounts to Pro accounts.

Coordinates access to Zoom Webinar features

Answers inquiries about the Zoom service

What You Will Do

Give feedback about service quality and performance.

Additional information about ZOOM can be found at https://gateway.sil.org/display/GTISSTAFF/Zoom+Video+Conferencing+Service.