IT Project Management

What is it?

This service provides you with a seasoned project manager responsible for accomplishing the objectives of your project. We also welcome the opportunity to assist you in firming up your requirements and defining the true scope of your project. You'll benefit from the fact that each project manager and business analyst (BA) reports to our centralized GTIS project management office (PMO) which has institutionalized an integrated and repeatable project management approach, anchored in the processes and standards of the industry-recognized Project Management Institute (PMI). This service is backed by an unwavering commitment to mission, stewardship, and stakeholder satisfaction.

Who is it for?

This service is available to SIL Director-level decision makers, Program Managers from across SIL Operational Units, GTIS Service Managers, and Sponsors from partnering organizations.

Who do I contact?

Vicki Hardin,

What GTIS Does

The IT Project Management Service accommodates the entire life-cycle of a project. During each phase, GTIS focuses on different aspects and attributes of the project.

  • Initiation: Our business analysis team works with you to evaluate your request and assess the suitability of an IT solution to address your need. A project manager is assigned and begins the management of requirements and preparation of project plans and schedules.
  • Executing: Your project manager is responsible for managing the competing factors referred to as the triple constraint: project scope, time, and cost. Throughout the project, you will be kept up to date with regular, transparent reports of the project’s status. Additional design reviews, readiness reviews, and status reviews can be conducted as deemed necessary. The project manager is in the driver’s seat to manage requirement changes, and be assured that the execution phase includes testing, training, and operational transitions as well.
  • Closing: Once project deliverables are complete and customer accepted, the project manager conducts a Lessons Learned Review and formally hands the deliverable(s) over to you.

What you do

Customer involvement is absolutely critical to the success of any project.

  • Initiation: You will assist in the generation of a formal Project Request. You must be able to address your problem, need, or opportunity; identify the primary stakeholders; and site current capabilities and the operational context. We’ll then explore together what project success looks like. You’ll be asked to approve a Project Charter.
  • Executing: You will be given the opportunity to approve all plans and schedules before project tasks move ahead. You will also be asked to identify a member of your staff to fill the role of Product Owner. This individual will experience a high degree of interaction with the project manager, and project team where applicable, for the duration of the project. The Product Owner is expected to address all issues regarding requirements, testing, and deployment. Lastly, you are expected to provide testers if a user acceptance test (UAT) is called for, and grant acceptance of the project’s final deliverable(s).
  • Closing: You, and the stakeholders you chose to invite, will participate in the Lessons Learned Review. Your input and response regarding how well the project was managed and whether the deliverable(s) met your expectations and the user's needs is paramount to our retrospective of project performance. This review is also instrumental in addressing any remaining needs.