Offsite Automatic Google Backup (Backupify)

What is it?

GTIS provides access, training and support to world-class data recovery platforms, reducing organizational risk and empowering organizational units to configure settings, monitor backups, and recover data for the clients they manage. End users have increased data recoverability with negligible impact to their daily work. Leadership can rest assured that data is recoverable in the case of equipment failure, theft, seizure of assets, evacuation, kidnapping, terrorism, etc.

One of our primary platforms for corporate data recovery is the GTIS Google Backup Service - Powered by Backupify.

Who is it for?

This service is available to SIL staff with a G Suite/Google Apps account.

Who do I contact?

SiL Google Admin (

What GTIS Does

GTIS will verify the client has a G Suite/Google Apps account under SIL's control. They will then assign a Backupify subscription and provide a welcome message to each Backupify user with start up details and links to support documentation.

What you do

Clients will work with GTIS to identify accounts to be subscribed.