What is it?

Our Email Service ensures that all your staff are able to easily communicate throughout your organization, with ministry partners and with their home support team. We ensure that email is encrypted as it travels between our server and client. We interface directly with your staff to give them access to their account and help them use this service effectively. We work closely with the email services hosting provider to ensure availability and performance meet your needs.

If the hosting services provider also offers a comprehensive collaborative solution, our service will also provides support resources to your staff for IM, cloud-based document editing and storage, business-focused websites, and account backup solutions.

Who is it for?

This service is available to SIL staff.

This service is also available to those whose organization has a domain hosted on G Suite/Google Apps by SIL and who meet their organization's criteria for an account. See Requesting a new email domain in the SIL Google Instance for information about eligibility, criteria, and requirements for organizations who would like to use GTIS' Email/G Suite service for email/Google accounts.

Who do I contact?

SIL Google Admin or Jon Limmer

What GTIS Does

A contract includes collecting a profile of your organization’s demographics, needs and points of contact. GTIS Email Service will then provide timely and professional support for your clients email accounts to the satisfaction of the customer.

What You Do

Clients will work with GTIS to identify requirements, set policies, optionally assign appropriate staff to act as administrators of your organization's account (using GTIS' MailAdmin application), and give feedback about service quality and performance.