Domain Purchase & Management


This service is currently unavailable and is under review.

The service’s purpose was to centralize purchase and renewal of domains and security certificates and to provide DNS for those domains. Centralization was thought to be useful because of the generally long periods between purchase and renewal meaning at renewal the contact for the domain may no longer be in the same position. Failure to renew domains leads to loss of service and it may be expensive or impossible to restore. Service review indicated that the service as provided did not meet the need.

While it is under renewal:

For the immediate future, we're asking that individuals purchase domains and certificates themselves. And when they do so, to plan for how they would turn over domain management to someone else... (this is actually a problem in a number of areas... one person has the credentials to manage some service, they leave and recovering credentials or access is difficult/impossible)...

Such as:

  • Disclose login credentials so that others can access if you are not available.
  • If possible, have email from the service sent to multiple individuals.
  • Auto renewal