Dallas Workstation Equipment

What is it?

This service allows our customers to focus on doing what they love best: fulfilling the purposes and goals of their job and calling. We manage the entire lifecycle of their computer workstation so our customers can use their computers as effective and useful tools. Using our service removes the following types of questions and business concerns from our customer’s plate and puts them on the plate of seasoned IT professionals:

  • What’s currently the best choice of computing equipment I should use?
  • When should I replace or upgrade in order to get the best bang for my buck and keep up with changing technology?
  • How do I ensure minimal work downtime and minimal productivity losses if the computer fails?
  • How and when do I need to do maintenance to keep things running smoothly?

Who is it for?

This service is offered to staff and organizations working at the International Linguistics Center in Dallas, TX. (SIL Intl Admin)

Who do I contact?

Enter a TeamHelp ticket, send an email to helpdesk_dallas@sil.org or call us at 972-708-7414

Contact the GTIS DALLAS IT Manager, Jason Martin, for more information.

What GTIS Does

Engage and support your computing/workstation equipment needs with you through the entire lifecycle of your equipment. This includes setting hardware/software standards and required equipment specifications, maintenance, warranty service, and support of provided software and hardware, timely replacement, and finally disposal of old equipment.

  • Set standards: Dell Business Class computers, MS Operating System
  • Loaner Laptops: Manage, Repair, Replace
  • HelpDesk: Hardware & Software support, Trouble ticket entry & resolution
  • Email and email support: Google Apps
  • Software deployment: MS Office, Symantec Antivirus, Google Sync Tool, Adobe Reader, Adobe Flash Player

What You Do

Customers will work with GTIS to identify requirements, and give feedback about service quality and performance.

End Users will work with GTIS to report and identify when problems occur, gain access to the users PCs, and software