Dallas Printing Service

What is it?

Provide wired network connectivity and assign fixed IP addresses to printers, scanners and copiers used for business needs. We also offer recommendations for vendors providing support for those multi-function devices..

Who is it for?

This service is offered to staff and organizations working at the International Linguistics Center in Dallas, TX. (SIL Intl Admin).

Who do I contact?

Enter a TeamHelp ticket, send an email to helpdesk_dallas@sil.org or call us at 972-708-7414 Contact the GTIS Dallas IT Manager, Jason Martin, for more information.

What GTIS Does

  • Offers network connectivity to shared printers, offers access to shared printers from campus wifi, and can either recommend or schedule outside vendors if you require printer maintenance.
  • Set standards

What you do

Give feedback about service quality and performance.