Dallas VPN Instructions

Get and use a VPN Connection

In order to have a VPN (Virtual Private Network) connection into the Dallas center, a person's supervisor must request/authorize the connection and provide details about what resources the user will be accessing.

Once VPN access has been requested and approved you should be notified to visit this site for information on downloading and configuring the appropriate VPN Client software.

Windows 7 thru 10 (click this link) - SonicWall NetExtender

Mac OSX (up thru version 10.8, click this link)

Mac OSX (after version 10.8) Search for "SonicWall Mobile Connect" in the Apple App Store

Linux (32 or 64 Bit TGZ) or (32 or 64 Bit RPM)

Android Search for "SonicWall Mobile Connect" in the Google Play Store

Windows Mobile (Win 10 and later) Search for "SonicWall Mobile Connect" in the Windows Store

IOS (iPhone or iPad) Search for "SonicWall Mobile Connect" in the Apple App Store.

The following links will give you guidance based on the operating system you are using.

Windows 7 thru 10 Installs

Mac and IOS Installs

Android Installs - the install is very similar to the install for Mac OSX 10.9 and later. Please see that info under the Mac and IOS Installs link.

Linux Installs - no additional information. The server and credential information provided with the Windows Install information should work. Most Linux users are used to installing and learning on their own.

Important Note: We want you to connect to the vpn when you need it, but NOT leave it connected all the time. Please disconnect when you are done with the work you need to do, then reconnect again later if you have more work to do. This vpn connection will allow you to be connected for a continuous 10 hours, but will then automatically disconnect you. This process will let us all effectively share the licenses we have available to us.