Dallas Audio/Visual Systems Service & Consulting

What is it?

When a large group of people gather, Audio/Visual systems are often needed for effective communication. The Dallas Center A/V Service provides equipment and training (for your designated people) on the A/V systems so that the gathering (meeting, conference, worship service, etc.) will have effective A/V.

Effective A/V just works. It should be ‘invisible’ and not draw attention to itself, distracting from the meeting or worship service. When the presenter can’t be heard clearly, when video graphics don’t display properly, the meeting’s flow is interrupted and the audience’s focus is lost.

We do any maintenance and repairs needed for the the Dallas A/V systems. We can consult with you to determine what A/V gear would be appropriate for your workspace. On a very limited as available basis, an A/V operator can be provided to help run the Dallas A/V system for your event.

Limited consulting service available for other SIL-related locations. (e.g. equipment recommendations and discussion of A/V issues)

Who is it for?

Organizations and departments affiliated with the International Linguistics Center. Renters of ILC facilities. Individuals and guests on a case-by-case basis.

Limited remote consulting service available to SIL-related entities.

What GTIS Does

GTIS agrees to provide support for services listed in a timely and professional fashion to the satisfaction of the customer.

What You Do

Clients will work with GTIS to identify requirements (budget, technical, etc.), set expectations and understand limitations, and give feedback about service quality and performance.