Commercial Solution Selection Assistance

What is it?

This service applies the experience of GTIS staff to assist in walking through the various Commercial options for a solution to SIL information processing requirements. The approach may be the "on-premise" use of licensed technology or a commercial cloud solution. The objective is to ensure that the business processes of SIL are really enhanced and that the value of SIL information is not compromised by use of a new commercial solution. An associated objective is a smooth deployment - without unnecessary delay.

Who is it for?

SIL organizational unit managers holding process/operational budgets. They may be seeking new/replacement technology for SIL use; for cloud support for an existing process or replacement of a service that is currently provided either “in-house” or via the “cloud”.

Who do I contact?

For questions - or discussion of where this does not apply, contact Vicki Hardin

What GTIS Does

GTIS facilitates the assessment [including vendor contacts] and assists with contracting and the technical elements of initiating licensing of the technology or service.

What You Do

We have found that the requester’s engagement is quite valuable - best in both the steps of identifying the needs and in the process of sorting through the options - focusing on usability. The best team includes those with a stakeholder's view and those with a little experience in looking at solutions with a technician's eye [as opposed to a developer's view where they may get lost in how they would do it].