Wiki (SIL Gateway)

What is it?

When groups wish to work together, collaborate, on plans, decisions, discuss policy with a dispersed group of people, or have a running set of meeting notes around a specific ongoing topic, the Collaboration Wiki provides a venue for this to happen. The SIL Gateway is also the recommended place to store SIL corporate documents (and links to other SIL information) which should be visible to all SIL members.

Our service helps give people a safe and secure set of tools, by a world-respected company, to accomplish their goals.

  • An environment people from SIL, Wycliffe, and other Partners can feel that they and their work are secure.
  • World-class tools to empower people to create and maintain collaboration sites with links to graphics and outside documents.
  • Minimal administrative overhead for the site owner (provided by SIL Wiki team)
  • Powerful typology of topical tagging and labeling within an easy to search format

Who is it for?

SIL and its "Hub" partners. Anyone with HUB identity provider access can view, and likely edit or comment on public spaces. You can request a new space here.

Who do I contact?

  2. Request assistance by creating a help desk ticket at by logging in with your Insite username and password
  3. Go to the Wiki Overview for a variety of links to help files for all levels of users.

What GTIS Does

  • keep the software current and running
  • provide Admin and end-user training materials
  • provide help desk support for use of the Wiki

What You Do

  • Have a clearly thought out approach to how best to design, categorize and tag content in your space for easy access and findability
  • Contact us when you need assistance
  • Give feedback about service quality and performance.