Application Hosting Service

What is it?

GTIS Application Hosting Service

Who is it for?

SIL existing  (legacy) applications

Who do I contact?

Currently, Application Hosting arrangements are negotiated through Project Management to custom-fit the Service Level Agreement (SLA) to each customer's needs.

  1. Phillip Shipley
  2. GTIS Project Management Office

What GTIS does ...

  • Assures that the Hosted Application is available during the SLA-negotiated hours of availability
  • Customizes the host platform to best accommodate the Hosted Application
  • Attempts to apply all updates to the host OS to assure stability and security of the platform
  • Notifies the Application Hosting customer of host platform issues that may affect the ability of the platform to meet SLA goals
  • Works with Network Engineering to troubleshoot network issues affecting hosted applications

What you will do ...

  1. Work with Project Management to craft an SLA that accurately reflects the needs of the Application Hosting customer
  2. Promptly notify GTIS operations or Project Management of changes in hosted application or user community requirements
  3. Respond to GTIS communications requesting application downtime for platform maintenance.