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API Management

What is it?
Have an API? Want to get it listed in the central SIL API directory? Want to have someone else manage key requests and provide rate limiting in front of your API? We have a solution for that. Commercial solutions for API management can be very expensive so we’ve deployed a lightweight solution that provides the core features needed while keeping the cost very low. Our API Management service comes with a Developer Portal which allows developers to discover and request access to APIs and allows API Owners to self-publish APIs and manage key requests. Our service also includes an API Proxy solution which provides key verification, rate limiting, and caching support. Developers consume APIs through our Proxy so that you as an API Provider do not need to worry about poor programming resulting in a denial of service attack.  
Who is it for?

API Management is intended for owners of APIs. Our proxy solution supports RESTful APIs. 


Who do I contact?

For more information please contact the Service Manager: Phillip Shipley,
What GTIS Does
The service provider agrees to work with customers to determine if our API Management service is right for their needs and assist in the process of publishing the customers APIs on the portal. The service provider also agrees to make every effort to meet estimated levels of availability and uptime. 
What you do
The client agrees to provide estimated API usage data for the service provider to use in capacity planning. The client also agrees to support their end users directly and respond to key requests in a timely manner.