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Task/issue workflow management (JIRA)

What is it?
JIRA is a flexible and scalable issue tracker. 
Who is it for?

SIL and its "Insite" partners. An Insite account is required.  A second instance of JIRA is available for language development and is open to the world. 


Who do I contact?

What GTIS Does
GTIS will deliver:
  • JIRA, Smartsheet and/or Trello platform spaces as best fits your situation, for work tracking and project visibility
  • The options to have these spaces locked down to a select few individuals, or open for broader collaboration
  • Searchable topical information
  • Email notifications of updates 
What you do
The client will need to provide an engaged contact who can provide or assist GTIS in discovering the following types of information:
  • The nature of the work to be tracked
  • The staff members who will administer and populate these tools
More information 

Related services
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