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What is it?
Nothing beats face-to-face communication. Non-verbal communication is lost in phone calls, and auditory & emotional cues are lost in emails. But remote work locations, time and travel costs restrict how often we can meet face-to-face. Video conferencing is the next best thing to face-to-face meetings, at a very affordable cost. 

GTIS recommends for video conferencing and webinars. SIL has a business account with Zoom, so we can manage and assign optional features to your Zoom account associated with your SIL email address. You can go to to download the Zoom client, and sign in to create your free Basic level Zoom account.

GTIS also can recommend various video conferencing gear, and can facilitate its design and acquisition. We can advise how to optimize your video conferencing experience. 
Who is it for?

SIL staff and staff of SIL's "Insite" partner organizations. 


Who do I contact?

Video conferencing information can be found on the SIL Wiki Contact Ray Uehara for more information. Contact the SIL Zoom Manager for information specific to Zoom video conferencing. Information about Zoom can be found on the SIL Wiki.
What GTIS Does
GTIS agrees to provide support for services listed in a timely and professional fashion to the satisfaction of the customer. 
What you do
Clients will work with GTIS to identify requirements (budget, technical, etc.), set expectations and understand limitations, and give feedback about service quality and performance.