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Video / Virtual Conferencing Tools

Conferencing tools help you meet with people virtually.

  • Google Hangouts (part of Google Apps/G Suite)
  • Hangouts is best for small video conferences and where granular control of network use is desired.
  • Manager: Jon Limmer
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  • Zoom
  • Zoom is ideal for both small and large video conferences, as well as webinars.
  • Large feature set, including instant multimedia sharing, whiteboard, remote PC control, and breakout rooms.
  • Manager: Ray Uehara or Mike Buchanan
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  • Video Conferencing Consulting
  • Recommendations for video conferencing tools
  • recommendations for video conferencing gear
  • advice to optimize your video conferencing experience.
  • Manager: Ray Uehara
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  • Dallas Center Audio/Visual Systems
  • The Dallas Center A/V Service provides equipment and training (for your designated people) on the Dallas Center A/V systems so that the gathering (meeting, conference, worship service, etc.) will have effective A/V.
  • Manager: Ray Uehara
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