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Field Systems - Power and Communications

Field Systems Design & Integration
What is it?
Many language programs exist in locations that have limited or poor grid power, and limited or unavailable Internet access.  GTIS has the expertise to design systems that will overcome these barriers and take into consideration your unique conditions and constraints.  With their proven track record of professional design of power, network, and voice/data communications systems, we will develop a safe, robust and affordable solution customized to your specific needs.   
Who is it for?

SIL staff and anyone in the Bible translation movement.  This service is focused on meeting the specific field needs of remote locations with poor / unavailable power and Internet access. 


Who do I contact?

Via Email: Via Telephone: +1-704-843-6000, or the Global IT Help Desk +1-704-843-6620 Visit our online product and services store: Insite Wiki page with more info:
What GTIS Does
Consulting the high-level systems specification produced by the Field Systems Consulting service, as well as additional technical specifications collected, GTIS will deliver:
  • A design specification for a solution to meet the customer’s requirements (power, network, voice/data communications)
  • A logistics plan for delivery, including purchasing and shipping of equipment, if required.
  • An installation plan to be used by the installers
  • Operational documentation for the system, including regular maintenance information.
  • As-needed consulting during the installation process as questions arise. 
What you do
Depending on the technical level of your field office IT staff, this service may be engaged directly or in harmony with the Field Systems Consulting Service, which serves a more holistic assessment and advisement capacity.

The client will need to provide an engaged contact who can provide or assist GTIS in discovering the following types of information (some data is dependent on the specific need being met):
  • Budgetary constraints
  • Target installation timeframes
  • Specific business usage needs and data transmission types, local IT support skills
  • Information about local contractors, ISPs, and availability of equipment for purchase
  • Details about the physical office design, including construction materials, building layout, and dimensions
  • Power supply characteristics and needs
  • Local climate conditions
  • Logistical information about equipment delivery, security concerns, and local laws 
Field Systems Installation
What is it?
This service provides the installation of physical equipment on the field, and cross-training of local support staff to operate and maintain the systems installed for long term sustainability.  GTIS staff members have deep knowledge of both field systems and field conditions and can provide specialized knowledge that you may not have available at your location.

This service may be stand-alone, or may work in harmony with other GTIS field consulting and design / integration services. 
Who is it for?

Organizations in the Bible translation movement. 


Who do I contact?

Via Email: Via Telephone: +1-704-843-6000, or the Global IT Help Desk +1-704-843-6620 Visit our online product and services store: Insite Wiki page with more info:
What GTIS Does
GTIS will deliver an operational field system (power, voice/data communications, network, etc.) to support the field location’s needs.
  • Local support staff will be appropriately trained to maintain the system.  This training will include topics such as:
  • Knowledge of typical operational responsibilities including system monitoring
  • Responsibility for and ownership of ongoing routine maintenance tasks
  • Understanding of ongoing budget needs (with leadership’s awareness and support) for recurring preventative maintenance costs
  • Access to troubleshooting documentation and procedures
  • Access to the Field Systems Support Service for future advanced troubleshooting and support assistance 
What you do
The client will:
  • Ensure delivery of appropriate system installation/configuration instructions to GTIS staff (these instructions may be a result of another GTIS Field Service)
  • Ensure completed purchase and delivery of equipment to field location, unless GTIS staff is hand-carrying the equipment to the site.
  • Provide funding to cover GTIS staff travel costs and possible import duties associated with hand-carrying equipment into the country.
  • Assist with logistics planning for the trip, including:
    • Timing to align GTIS and on-field personnel
    • Local transportation
    • Arrival instructions
    • Local language interpreter if needed
    • Local “handler” if required, who takes care of transportation, interactions with public officials, and equipment/supplies purchasing negotiations in the field setting.