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Google Hangouts

What is it?
Google Hangouts is best for small video conferences. It is part of Google Apps/G Suite, which is email, calendar, video conference, collaboration (drive), and more. 
Who is it for?

This service is available to SIL staff with a G Suite/Google Apps account who want to collaborate with others in an online audio/video conference setting, allowing screens sharing.


Who do I contact?

 Jon Limmer or 
What GTIS Does
A contract includes collecting a profile of your organization’s demographics, needs and points of contact. GTIS Email Service will then provide timely and professional support for your clients email accounts to the satisfaction of the customer. 
What you do
Clients will work with GTIS to identify requirements, set policies, optionally assign appropriate staff to act as administrators of your organization's account, and give feedback about service quality and performance. 

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