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Dallas End User Consulting

What is it?
The consulting service allows our customers to access responsive and seasoned computer professionals and solicit advice and information on how to use their workstations and native software applications in order to meet their daily work objectives or overcome problems. The service is also able to provide business class computers with current campus specifications at significant discount for individual member purchase 

Who is it for?
This service is offered to staff and organizations working  at the International Linguistics Center in Dallas, TX. (with SIL Intl Admin assignment) and SIL/Wycliffe staff members visiting the ILC Campus. 

Who do I contact?
Enter a TeamHelp ticket, send an email to or call us at 972-708-7414
Contact the GTIS Dallas  ITManager, Jason Martin, for more information. 

What GTIS Does
Assess your inquiry or question or the problem you are trying to solve and respond with advice or information  according to the urgency specified when you engage the service.
Makes Dell business class computers available to individual members for personal purchase. 

What you do
You  provide an engaged contact who can describe the question or needs and provide  information about the problem that needs to be solved.