Collaboration Tool Consulting

What is it? 

The number of collaboration tools and their purposes is steadily growing for SIL and partner organizations. GTIS is focused on providing access, consultation and training for these tools and related services. Collaboration Tool Consultation service provides online and personal resources to direct and encourage best use of those tools in developing communication paths and connections between distributed staff members. Anyone can contact us to arrange classroom training or consultation meetings. We travel to provide services onsite and in person, but we are also comfortable using video conferencing when needed.

Who is it for? 
SIL staff and staff of SIL's "Insite" partners.

Who do I contact?

Loren Rothmann

GTIS Services Liaison / Training Coordinator

Email: loren_rothmann@sil.org

Phone/Text (USA): +1-704-451-1596

Skype (loren.rothmann), Hangouts (loren_rothmann@sil.org), HipChat, Slack, Whats App

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What GTIS does...

    Consider your needs and requirements to recommend and/or provide targeted training for a collaboration platform.
    Provide resources to help you choose and make the best use of collaboration platforms.

What you will do...
    Provide information about your needs, requirements and preferences. Give feedback about service.