Custom Software Development

What is it?

You have business needs that should be met with a software solution, but that software doesn’t exist.  What to do?  Turn to GTIS’ Custom Software Development Service.  With a proven track record of professional software design and a deep understanding of the unique needs of organizations in the language development and Bible translation space, our developers can create a custom software product for you.  Our products can be closely integrated with existing systems, and are designed with long-term support in mind.

Who is it for?

Any organization in the Bible translation movement.

Who do I contact?

GTIS Application Development Manager - Phillip Shipley,

What GTIS does...

We agree to engage and evaluate your needs and help determine if a custom software solution is appropriate and if we are best suited to provide that solution. We will work iteratively with you to ensure the solution delivered meets your needs and expectations.

What you will do...

GTIS employs the Agile software development methodology.  This process is iterative, and requires the participation of an “Engaged Product Owner” for the duration of the project – possibly on a daily basis. After the client provides a set of problem statements and their thoughts about how those problems could be solved, the development team will design and build a Minimum Viable Product, or MVP.  This product will test the design team’s solution hypothesis, and the Engaged Product Owner will provide feedback that will inform the next development and assessment cycle.  This cyclic process will continue until the final product is delivered.