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Dallas Network Infrastructure, Internet and Security

What is it?
  • access to network resources

  • business connectivity (backup, file sharing, access permission, security)

This service is:

  • secure

  • supported on-site

Who is it for?
This service is offered to staff and organizations working at the International Linguistics Center in Dallas, TX.

Who do I contact?

Enter a TeamHelp  ticket, send an email to or call us at 972-708-7414

Contact the Dallas GTIS Dallas Network Manager, Mark Adams for more information.

What GTIS does... 

  • Provide on site support: file storage/access, data backup, network-internet connectivity, wireless, web filtering, VPN and Firewall, Active Directory security for file/print access
  • Create/delete/modify network accounts
  • Provide network infrastructure: purchase, deploy, repair, replace, dispose

What you will do... Give feedback about service quality and performance.