Field Systems Consulting

What is it?

Field offices and staff working in remote locations have unique power and communications challenges.  It takes engineers with specific skill sets to design systems that meet these challenges with robust and affordable solutions.  GTIS has a team of these very engineers, who have a proven track record of creating field-appropriate power and communication systems designed with sustainable, long-term use in mind.

More specifically, this service provides advice for solar power, battery backup, and other electricity generating solutions, for both small and large needs. We can help design a communications solution to provide Internet access in remote locations using BGAN or other satellite solutions, cellular repeaters, long-range point-to-point WiFi systems, and even HF packet radios, when other more traditional solutions are unavailable.

We can also provide ongoing consulting when future questions arise or if your system requirements change.

Who is it for?

SIL staff and anyone involved in Bible translation and language development.  This service is often focused on meeting specific field needs, but may also be beneficial to those in locations with good power and Internet, who are representing or working closely with others in remote field settings.

Who do I contact?

Via Email: field_systems@sil.org
Via Telephone: +1-704-843-6000, or the Global IT Help Desk +1-704-843-6620 Visit our online product and services store: http://store.powermon.org
Insite Wiki page with more info: https://www.wiki.insitehome.org/x/ZQDLB

What GTIS does...

The Field Systems Consulting Service will consider all of your needs and constraints, and will deliver a high-level solutions specification, which will allow you to make decisions on system upgrades, repairs, replacements, or new installations.

Depending on the specific characteristics of the project, the output of the Field Systems Consulting Service may feed into another GTIS Field Systems service that will go deeper into design and delivery aspects of a particular system.

What you will do...

The client will need to provide an engaged contact who can describe their needs and provide general technical information about the problem(s) they want to solve.  More detailed information may be gathered by another service if a custom solution is designed.