SaaS Administration

What is it?   

GTIS is able to provide ongoing administration [common management services] for a specific Software as a Service [shared “cloud”]... using the support skills of the GTIS staff.   The objective is to ensure that fee services continue to benefit the business processes used by multiple groups of SIL.

Who is it for?  

SIL unit managers holding process/operational budgets. They may be seeking administrative support for existing SaaS usage or for use of a new-to-SIL SaaS offering.  'Most common is where a SaaS offering is expected to be used by multiple SIL units.

Who do I contact?  

For questions - or discussion of where this does not apply, contact  Joe Cavanaugh - - 480-951-0446 [Arizona]

What GTIS does?    

Onboard new consumers - including basic orientation; Monitor the Service Level Agreement with the vendor; Respond to adhoc requests for  usage assistance; Conduct annual surveys on consumers’ satisfaction - related to desire to continue the service; and Renewal processing, if desired by you.   

What you will do?   

You continue to pay for the SaaS service itself directly to the provider.   Since this is not a new diagnostic/problem resolution service, nor covers development of new training material or curricula, you should arrange this directly with the service provider.