Professional Services

What is it?

The professional services service delivers a prototype package that you can build on and maintain yourself. This service comes alongside to fill in gaps you have in experience and capabilities, assisting you to get started with your project or to get past a critical phase. Our consultants are eager to share their knowledge and experience with the staff you designate to take on responsibility once our engagement ends. They’re also sensitive to your needs to have a prototype that you can actually build on and maintain yourself, without continued dependence on high priced experts.

Who is it for?

SIL staff and staff of SIL's "Insite" partner organizations.

Who do I contact?

   Contact Hank Scott,

What GTIS does...

  • The GTIS consultant will listen to you and help you determine the right solution
  • Provide the information you need to be able to build on and maintain the package once handed over to you.

What you will do...

  1. Provide information regarding the objectives and desired outcome

  2. Communicate and cooperate with the consultant

  3. Designate a team member to become the owner who will build on and maintain the prototype delivered.

  4. Manage the project/application upon delivery and make all future changes.