Field Systems Support Service

What is it?

Equipment breaks and technical glitches happen, no matter how resilient the system.  If your field support staff needs assistance in troubleshooting power, communications and network systems, this GTIS service is just what you need.  

Leveraging GTIS’s experience in developing custom solutions and our understanding of field environments, we can provide your staff with our expertise in maintaining a professional, sustainable and affordable solution for your field location.

Who is it for?

This service is available to organizations involved in language development and Bible translation, primarily those with GTIS Field Systems-developed solutions, although more limited support is available for other non-GTIS provided solutions.

Who do I contact?

Via Email:
Via Telephone: +1-704-843-6000, or the Global IT Help Desk +1-704-843-6620 Visit our online product and services store: Insite Wiki page with more info:

What GTIS does...

GTIS will deliver:

  • Information and guidance to assist field support staff with resolving system issues.

  • Recommendations for system changes to eliminate or reduce the chance of future recurring system failures.

  • Advice to help the field support staff identify system end-of-life factors and to facilitate planning and justification discussions with their local leadership, when appropriate.

  • In some cases a reference to another Field Systems Service, when system replacement planning is needed.

What you will do...

The client will need to provide an engaged contact who can provide or assist GTIS in discovering the following types of information:

  • Details of the specific issue they are experiencing

  • Information about what led up to the issue, to identify the root cause, if possible

  • Information about local field availability of parts, supplies, and repair services / vendors

  • Potential budget details (cost center / account) if GTIS is requested to purchase and ship replacement parts

  • Details on urgency of the resolution for the local entity, in order to offer appropriate options for shipping and system replacement, which may impact solution timing and costs.