Identity and Authorization Service

What is it?

Instead of managing you own users and passwords and access control for your application, use industry-standard SAML protocol to enable authentication and even authorization of your application using the exist identity stores of SIL. We provide the IdP so you don't have to run one yourself.

Who is it for?

SIL and organizations in the Bible translation movement who

  1. already have their own IdP OR

  2. have their identities already in SIL GTIS IdP (SIL and its "Insite" partners)

Who do I contact?

System Administration Team, gtis_sysadmin at sil dot org

What GTIS does ...

  • We can provide knowledge/experience in running IdPs and enabling applications with Identity Access Management (IAM).
  • We already have inSite IdP running.
  • Your identities may already be in our IdP; you don’t need to manage you own identities.
  • We have established methods for enabling applications w/ IAM.

What you will do ...

  • contact GTIS SysAdmin
  • Please provide the following information:

    • What existing IdPs do you need access to?
    • What fields within IdP do you need access to?
    • What is your SP meta-data?
    • What kind of SAML method are you using?
    • Who is your Technical Contact for this application?
    • Who is your decision-maker for organizational trust relationships?